Chicken Coop


This modern garden coop benefits from needing very little maintenance: no rust, no painting, no wood rot. They have sleek contours and a superior moulded appearance. The barns  have a semi-gloss gel-coat finish, eliminating the need for painting.

One double nest box with a pivot hinge system, is fitted as standard and is accessed from the outside of the barn.

The roof is fully hinged, giving full access to the interior for thorough cleaning and inspection.

The roof and sides are insulated with encapsulated Celotex foam. It has a unique ventilation system, providing an excellent fresh air flow, without draughts.

There is a semiopaque rear fixed window for light and a hinged, laddered, opening door.

The interior has a finished non slip surface for the chickens. There is a centrally located covered drain hole in the base for use during cleaning. 

Internal fittings are minimal within the chicken coop so that hiding places for mites are reduced. The only wood used in the coop are the roosting bars,  these are removable for cleaning.

Can be easily carried by two people; The legs have been designed so grass ‘scalping’ does not occur if you drag your coup around the garden.

Overall Dimensions:  L 122cm x W 114cm x H 90cm (includes side nest box)


Conscientiously developed to offer distinct advantages over conventional wooden coops.

Long, Maintenance-Free Life.  

Requires no painting.  

Easy to clean.  

All areas are accessible.

Ideal for pressure washer cleaning.

Light weight and durable.

Available from:

Dove Company Design Ltd.

Dereham, Norfolk, NR19 1SX

Tel. 01362 695991


An Eggsecutive Garden Coop - Luxurious and Exclusive

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Chicken Coop

With double nest box

Insulated roof and sides

Removable roosting bars


£POA plus VAT

Available in a choice of:

Barn Red or

British Racing Green

An additional double nest box is available as an optional extra. This is secured on the rear of the coop.

Bespoke options may be available upon request,at additional cost.